About Us

In 2014, Circolo Pueblo has begin developing team of botanists and plant collectors. Our passion in plants or herbs is like a family to us. We explore and discover new plant specimens then we grow it for further experiment. Plants or herbs have various benefits to our body. Therefore, we are not hesitate to share our discovery for people’s health and beauty.

Herbs serve a range of purposes and are used in many various things. While some persons believe that some herbal remedies are specialized and sacred, others use natural herbs for cosmetics or medications or for culinary purposes. Culinary herbs in smaller amounts provide flavour instead of substance to food.

As for plant based cosmetics, mixtures and pastes were sometimes used to whiten the face in the olden times. Now, on the other hand, herbal-based cosmetics come in many varieties, such as face lotions, scrubs, lipsticks, natural fragrances, and body natural oils.