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Welcome to Circo Lo Pueblo

Welcome to Circo Lo Pueblo. We are a family of gypsies that travel the eastern countries throughout the world in search of Magic, spiritual healings, and hidden art from across the globe. We try to often update our website with our findings, pictures, and brief’s on the artist we study.

Here is a picture of our family.

traveling gypsy


From the left you will see Brumhilda, Chiquita, and Townsend.
We were born in Italy under the care of the “Grande-Le Fair Fairy”  and grew up hating life in the circus. Our owner Mr. Franc Germiste used us as a sideshow and called us the “Gypsy’s from Pixie”. He would use us and never pay us other than food and shelter, also he would beat us when he drank too much whiskey. We later ended his life with a dash of gypsy juice in his cocktail. Here’s a video of how that looked..

We dont alway’s do black magic, in fact we really try not too. However if you double cross the Gypsy Pixie’s there is a high probability that we will find you.
But enough about us…. Please sit back, bookmark our site, and follow us on FB and Twitter to see our many travels and journey’s across the world!

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